If you hop right into SMS marketing without a full understanding of best practices, you simply won’t experience maximum success. Never fire out an off the cuff SMS campaign, as this will only devalue the worth of your list and eventually force interested subcribers to opt out. Let’s back up a bit. How can SMS marketing actually grow your business? There’s tons of immediate benefits, but let’s examine a few of the long term positives.

  1. If offers an element of personalization.
    It goes without saying, most mobile phone owners keep their device within arm’s reach. Just considering this factor alone, it’s important to keep your messages as personal as possible, without being unprofessional. For example, don’t be afraid of firing out birthday rewards, as this will greatly strengthen your customer relationship management efforts.
  2. It rewards loyal customers for regular engagement.
    If we had to pick our favorite SMS marketing bonus, it would be this. Rewarding customers for their consistent brand engagement helps you build long term loyalty. You want to own a business that can be passed down through generations, not a fly by night operation.
  3. You can easily segment your customers by age, location, purchasing habits.
    The more targeted your segments, the more qualified your messages. For example, if you segment your list by age and location, you can easily fire out an offer to one specific location targeted towards a certain group of people.
  4. You can make sure that all messages are targeted and exclusive.
    If your messages don’t provide an exclusive form of high value or specific benefit, you won’t experience high offer redemption. For example, you shouldn’t fire out a message that holds a generic 10% off coupon code. Instead, err on the side of super high value with an irresistible offer; something like buy one, get one free or a large percentage discount.

Now that you’ve briefed yourself on all the benefits of SMS marketing, take a second to scroll through this handy infographic, The Golden Rules of SMS Marketing.

SMS Marketing

This infographic can originally be found on the Slicktext blog.


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