Mobile is everywhere. We’ve written about mobile extensively. We even built a product in response to the need for easy mobile marketing solutions. Yet, so many businesses and organizations continue to ignore mobile.

Take a look at your email inbox. It’s the cornerstone of business communication. Email is still the number one way that businesses communicate. Getting your message into someone’s inbox is an effective way to market your business.

Of course, email marketing is nothing new. Mobile devices are certainly not new either. So, what about your email marketing efforts on mobile devices?

Our friends over at ReachMail shared this infographic with us – “Are you losing out?” ReachMail is an email marketing service provider out of Chicago, IL. Reading their blog, you can see that they recognize the importance of mobile in all marketing.

Here’s an interesting stat from this infographic, “40.1% of all email campaigns are opened on mobile devices.” That’s a huge number! Ignoring mobile in any marketing effort is a recipe for disaster. But ignoring 40.1%??? That’s crazy!

But, go ahead, ignore away!