There are ways that you can make people feel appreciateed and that means you should always consider being generous with people, especially in terms of tipping. Did you know that Charles Barkley is a great tipper and that you should also know that Michael Jordon doesn’t tip that well? Charles said that the more successful you are, the more tip you should give, because why would you not share what you have when you have too much and keeping so much money just gets you to become as failed in life as Citizen Kane? So that’s why tipping should always be observed when you’re in restaurants.

This infographics must be one of the easiest guides on how you can tip waiters and service people in various establishments. But tipping in certain countries can be very insulting, especially in Japan. It must be really nice to know that Japan understands that you don’t have to tip people when it’s the happiness of the people to serve without being paid extra. However, who doesn’t want to serve people out of their own volition? And how can you not be happy with just serving your men? It turns out good will is not enough, because waiters want their tips. Learn how to give them with this infographic.