After analyzing data from 89 markets worldwide, a new report by Mercer lists company car benefits as a key component in key talent retention programs, with brands such as Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota and Honda topping the list of cars offered to the most valued employees.

The report compares the nature of the company car benefit package for different levels of employees, showing how car allowance amounts and purchase prices of cars differ in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

For example, it was shown that the average price allotted for a company car is always highest for the head of the organization, ranging from $47,009 in the Americas to $61,938 in Middle Eastern/African companies. Next in line is the executive level with the median purchase price being between $41,297 in the Americas and $46,041 in Europe, followed by management, then professional sales and professional non-sales levels, with similar purchase prices across the examined regions.

Here are the complete findings of Mercer’s 2013 Global Car Policies: