Holidays are perhaps the most awaited time of the year. The holiday season means different things to different people.,Some see it as a time to meet friends and family, some look forward to vacations and others simply want to rest. But one thing that is common in their outlook is that they all look forward to this time.

Holidays also mark the pleasant time of exchanging gifts. What else could be better than getting gifts from your loved ones? While receiving a gift is a great pleasure, finding the right gift often leaves us pondering over what could possibly be a great gift for this person. Let me suggest a thoughtful and different gift this holiday season – try gifting flowers.

Not many of us know that there exist flowers which symbolize each occasion of the holiday season – Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas.

For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving symbolizes a time to be thankful to God for that we have. The flowers representing this occasion also stand for happiness. These include flowers like marigolds, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, and gerbera daisies. They all represent happiness, joy and gratitude.

For Easter

Apart from Easter bunnies, we also have some flowers symbolizing Easter.

  • Lilies – The most famous Easter flower gift. It stands for love and hope. Legend has it that white lilies grew on the areas where Jesus’ blood fell.
  • Daisies symbolize purity.
  • Chrysanthemum is a symbol of truth.
  • Azalea symbolizes love and passion.
  • Tulips and daffodils are also commonly gifted.
  • In UK, the Pussy Willow is the most commonly gifted flower during Easter. In Germany, some red flowers symbolize the blood of Christ.

For Christmas

Undoubtedly, Christmas cactus, with pink and red flowers is the most famous gift during Christmas. Amaryllis, Poinsettia and Holly are other flowers symbolizing the festival of Christmas. Each of these flowers has a legend behind it- Poinsettia being a reminder of miracles and Holly symbolizing the passion of Christ.

Flowers are the best gifts for any occasion. And now when you know the legends surrounding them – they make a perfect combination for a get together – flowers to gift and stories to share.