In 2018 alone 83% of people received phishing emails. Did you know that 64% of businesses experienced phishing attacks? And attacks are increasing, from 2013 to 2018 attacks more than doubled. Why are phishing attacks on the rise? Because they’re rather effective since they exploit human nature rather than tech. The best way to defend your business is to prepare your employees.

384 billion emails are sent every day, 85% of which are SPAM. 2 in 3 consumers have received phishing emails, with 1 in 3 having been compromised. Victims experienced

  • 65% compromised accounts
  • 49% malware infections
  • 24% loss of data

Businesses lose nearly $2 million per incident, through decreased productivity, data loss, and reputation damage. 1 in 3 consumers will stop using a business after a security breach.

Over 70% of employees report that protecting themselves from email attacks has become more difficult since 2016. Look at the psychology of phishing, what do we fall for? The recipe for a convincing phish scam creates a sense of urgency, mimics realistic personalized messages, and preys upon fear with need-to-know information.

Of Infosec professionals 95% recommend training employees to identify phishing attacks. Annual training is not enough, 35% of employees didn’t know what phishing means despite an annual course. 1 in 10 of those has clicked a link in a phishing email.

Current phishing solutions alone aren’t extensive, many employees forward suspicious emails to the IT department. Of all emails flagged by employees, only 15% are malicious, and many emails that are, fall through the cracks. This gives unnecessary work for IT and is counterproductive to preventing an attack.

74% of hackers say they’re rarely impressed by an organization’s security measures. To protect your assets, train employees to spot phishing attacks, give them feedback on their effectiveness, and give them the tools that allow them to apply their training. The key to security is people, in 2018 93% of security breaches involved phishing attacks. Don’t leave your employees in the dark.

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Infographic source: PhishCloud