The summer music festival season kicks of this month with one of the biggest festivals of the calendar, Glastonbury Festival. For many businesses, festivals like this offer fantastic promotional opportunities. If your company has never participated in a festival before, now is the perfect time to do so! Distributing promotional items at events such as festivals that feature your business logo and contact details will put your company in a positive light.

Promotional goods at festivals are a fantastic marketing tool for putting your brand  in front of lots of literally thousands of potential (and existing) customers. Choosing a merchandise piece that’s beneficial to your target audience and which positively links back to your brand will make sure you’re remembered. A recent study carried out by the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) reported 79% of respondents who had received a promotional item would be more likely to do business with the brand that provided the item.

Portable powerbanks will certainly be a very popular choice this year at music festivals – with the potential of being in constant use and having a long life span, it’s easy to see why these will be a very popular branded goody. Putting your branding on a device which has the ability to charge practically any phone or tablet via USB cable will put your business in a very positive light.

Other promotional goods that work well at festivals include ponchos and wellies if the weather is poor, sun-cream, sunglasses and hats if the weather is fine.

In the graphic below, we’ve showcased  promotional products that we know work well with festival audiences which include those mentioned and a few other gems like condoms or inflatable pigs.