A higher percentage of Millennials say they have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorders than other generations. So, why are Generation Y yuppies so unhappy? When reality turns out to be worse than expectations, people turn out to be unhappy. Let’s use Lucy as a fictitious example—she’s our Gen Y protagonist and special yuppie.

Lucy’s grandparents dealt with the Great Depression and World War II. They valued economic security and wanted their children to see greener pastures. Lucy’s Baby Boomer parents were brought up to envision stable, prosperous careers, and they knew hard work was necessary. They were raised in a period of booming economic growth. Now, Generation Y yuppies like Lucy were brought up with a sense of unbounded possibility. For these yuppies, secure, prosperous careers no longer cut it—they want fulfilling careers. Gen Y yuppies are delusional—each individual yuppy thinks he or she is destined for something even better than all other yuppies. They are taunted as well. Social media has enabled a phenomenon known as image crafting, cultivating an inflated online profile of oneself.

To learn more about why Generation Y yuppies are so unhappy all the time, check out the infographic below.

Image source: www.bestpsychologydegrees.com

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