Did you ever heard about the Euaisland, in Tonga? We bet you didn’t, but our infographic will correct that, since this is one of our favorite vacation spots for the geek Aussies out there. Located in the Kingdom of Tonga – yep, ruled by a king –, which is formed by the union of 172 islands with the same name, this is one of the smallest countries in the world and, naturally, having a flawless internet connection and good cell phone reception is not the biggest priority. Not the best destination for a geek, but that’s exactly the point!

The archipelago of Tonga was discovered and explored by the Dutch Willem Schouten and Jacob Le Maire in 1616. After being a British protectorate and receiving independence, the country became a member of the United Nations and other organisations. History details apart, in this island you can live incredible experiences, from exploring Eua’s tropical forests to enjoy the beaches and the local gastronomy. Although the flora is somewhat diverse, the fauna is a completely different matter, with one of the most fascinating local environments being the sea. The Euaisland is the perfect place to swim with local species and explore exotic reefs.

Although tourism was relatively weak during several decades, in 1966 the country took the first steps towards the development of tourism in the archipelago. However, a lot has changed with the years and, currently, tourism plays an important role in Tonga’s economy, turning it into an excellent destination for our Aussie geeks. We are pretty sure you will find answers for your social media needs and super cool stuff to share or tweet about, all you need is to open yourself to new experiences and spend a few days away from the computer. And if you don’t like sunny islands, there are always other options.