How do you feel when you find something very interesting and revealing about your credit cards? Obviously it is something very appealing to know about your credit cards. Here comes a well-designed and beautifully created infographic to spread awareness about your credit cards in a more professional and comprehensive way.

Let’s start from the anatomy of credit cards. Your credit card is divided into ten sections namely as name, EMV chip, your name, 16 digits number, hologram, payment network logo, expiry and/or issuance date, magnetic strip, your signature and CSV number. Coming towards the description part. Name is the name of the party that has issued the credit card, in this case it is your bank. EMV stands for Europay, Master Card and Visa – these are basically the companies that develop Chips and PINs. Then comes name of the credit card holder that is you. The sixteen digits number contains various kinds of information such as first six digits are used to identify the card issuer, next nine digits is PAN (Primary Account Number) that is a unique number to identify the card holder to avoid fraud an at the end there are control digits that are used to validate the card number. Then comes a Hologram, it is a unique feature that makes your card more secure and minimize the risk of duplicate card usage. Payment network logo is just a logo. The expiry and start date shows when the card was issued and till when it is valid. The magnetic strip has all the required information of your account. Signature are used for verification purposes. In the end comes the CSV number. This number minimize the risk of frauds because for all your online transactions you have to type this number. So it is impossible for fake card holders to use your card number for online transactions.


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