In a world where our human rights are consistently challenged and issues such as freedom of expression, women’s rights and impunity continue to come into question, it is critical to fully understand what is inherently ours. In order to rise above the veil of misinformation and further protect — and promote — our human rights, American University’s foreign policy graduate program created this universal human rights infographic, illustrating the 30 articles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Adopted by the UN in 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights represents our freedom to vote, our freedom to rest, our right to a fair trial and our right to a life of good health, among many others. With such an abundance of articles to retain, it can be difficult to recall every detail.

The infographic addresses this issue with vivid illustrations of the human rights and a short phrase that summarizes each one, making it simple to remember and to thwart efforts to diminish the value of our rights.