Established by a group of Holocaust survivors in 1981, the goal of FIDF was to provide for the wellbeing for the men and women serving in the IDF. Based out of New York City, FIDF is a non-for-profit 501c3 corporation to look after the brave soldiers in the Israel Defence Forces.

Since their inception, FIDF has given financial, educational and emotional support to soldiers and their families. The scholoship program has granted over 6,600 scholorships since the begining of 2002 with a 96.7% success rate. FIDF’s wellbeing programs state that no soldier should have to fight with financial burdens; 1 out of 5 soldiers requiring financial assistance. Since 2009, 8,000 soldiers have recived vouchers for food, clothing and other necesities and 15,000 household items have been granted to soldiers and in-need families.

The robust Lone Soldiers program aims to make sure that every soldier feels at home. An avergae of 2,800 immigrants serve in the IDF every year, 950 more joining each year. The STRIDES program supplies IDK leg amputees with fitted sports-specific prosthetics that enable them to participate in activites they otherwise would not be able to. Armed with tools to aid in their service by the Israeli government. FIDF provides love, support and care to assist the young men and women serving in the IDF. Take a look at the infographic below presented by FIDF and see what you could do to get involved.