So you want to start a business, but wonder if you really have what it takes? Unfortunately, this is where tons of potential entrepreneurs come to a screeching halt. They become overwhelmed by the everyday responsibilities of business management, and don’t see the potential in this long term career move.

In addition to the following values, focus on these four key tips when starting your first business.

Effort precedes talent.

Ready to hire? Look for people who put in that extra effort. You want to work with employees who aren’t afraid to go the extra mile. These individuals are results oriented, and don’t use their stacked resume as a bargaining chip. Don’t hire the “most qualified.” Instead, look for the “most driven.”

What’s your end game?

You must have a vision. Make sure it’s specific. For example, don’t set loose goals that revolve around making more money or gathering more leads. Agree on one specific number, and work towards that goal.

Learn how to motivate.

Keep your team members inspired. Set incentives and celebrate even the smallest victories. Expect more from your employees, but give more in return. It’s the best way to take your startup growth to the next level.

Effective internal communication is key.

Keep everyone in the loop. If your entire team flows as one cohesive unit, you can move forward with motivation and vigor. Communication and consistency help you check off that rapidly growing to do list.

The one thing that separates a good leader from a great one? The ability to adapt. If you can remain fluid in changing times of business, you will experience long term success. The best businesses are the ones that can step over obstacles with ease and walk away with a handful of lessons learned.

startup success

This infographic can originally be found on the SlickText blog.