Last summer at the Neolane Customer Forum, my colleague Matt Rawding gave a great presentation on workflow, which included numerous examples of the communications and processes that can be automated. One of the challenges we encountered while creating the presentation was how to effectively categorize those examples. The reason was that no matter which categories we used, each example didn’t fit neatly into one bucket.

Several months later, the perfect visual framework came to me: a subway map. Each subway line could represent a different category of automation, with the stops being specific examples. More importantly, given our challenge, the stops where the subway lines intersect would represent the workflow examples spanning multiple categories.

The end result is the infographic below. We hope it provides a fun way for marketers to explore the possibilities of marketing automation workflow, and ultimately better understand its true breadth and versatility. After all, as Matt joked in his presentation, workflow is so versatile, it can brew your morning coffee!