The race to provide Gigabit Internet service across the USA is definitely heating up, but does anyone really need it right now?

There are certainly ways in which a consumer could attempt to challenge a Gigabit speed Internet connection, such as streaming multiple videos at the same time to multiple devices. That being said, such high speeds are really not a necessity for just about everyone at present. So why is this super-fast Internet service being deployed by almost every broadband provider, with frequent announcements of Gigabit plans for new cities? Well, it is perhaps simply that the must have, killer application or service has not materialized yet.

America compared to other class A Asian countries like South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan have fallen to its ranking according to the 2014 countries with the fastest internet speed statistic study.  Although current broadband speeds, or the lack of speed, are ongoing issues for many existing services, this is a massive jump in functionality going from an existing broadband service that is typically just a few megabits of bandwidth compared to a Gigabit service that will offer speeds that are around 100 times faster.

Although you probably do not need this level of broadband service right now, an irresistible application is likely just around the corner and one thing is for sure the future of internet speed will be measured in gigabits. Several companies have been constantly working hard to develop a much faster and reliable internet in the future generation.  So keep an eye on which service provider is planning on offering Gigabit Internet in your area in 2015 and beyond. The Infographic has been created to give you an idea of what is happening in the overall market and which service providers are leading the race to offer Gigabit Internet to everyone.

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