Ocean’s 11. Dog Day Afternoon. The Italian Job. Heat. The Town. Reservoir Dogs. Bonnie and Clyde. Heist movies can be some of the most fun and entertaining moments for us at the movies because of their sensationalized action sequences, larger-than-life characters, dramatic impact and the sheer amazement we feel of watching criminals and outlaws defying the law and sometimes even getting away with it. We even, dare we say it, go as far as sympathize with these shady misfits, angry outsiders, hopeless romantics and desperate vigilantes because they attempt in fiction what most of us would never even dream of partaking in in reality. Fun to watch, dangerous in real life. But what of those of us in history who have defied danger, broken the law and attempted to get away with such criminal activity?

The following infographic, with information chronicled and provided by the financial folks of Deposit Accounts, provides a fascinating list of heists taking place all over the world and dating as far back as 1671 with the “Crown Jewel Heist” by Thomas Blood and also includes facts on infamous robber Jesse James and his gang in 1866 and a shocking 1992 heist of the Las Vegas hotel and casino Stardust, featuring a culprit who remains at large to this very day.

With the inclusion of “marks” and the perpetrators’ punishments also featured, it’s easy for anyone to read the graphic below and be better prepared for keeping their own businesses, homes, vehicles and properties safe from burglary. Hopefully, it will also deter any future assailants from walking the line of crime!