While a strong resume is still a huge asset, it’s not the only thing that employers are looking for. With social media in the mix, recruiters feel they can get to a know who a candidate is by looking at their social profiles. 55% of recruiters have even reconsidered a candidate based on their social profiles. Not surprisingly, recruiters using social media to find candidates have seen a 44% increase in candidate quality and quantity and a 34% improvement in time to hire. The results from Jobvite’s 2014 Social Recruiting Survey are in and they have visualized their findings in the infographic below. Allow the statistics and expert advice lead you to getting your dream job or finding your dream team of employees.

Of the recruiters surveyed, 69% are expecting increased job competition in their markets in 2015, especially engineering, IT, operations, marketing, and sales. If you will be seeking a new job, you must make sure your social profiles are ready for review. 93% of companies use social media in the recruitment process already and these numbers are expected to continue climbing. 43% of those seeking jobs use mobile devices in their search, but 29% of recruiters have invested nothing in mobile career sites. An omni-channel approach to recruitment across all platforms is essential for both employers and candidates.