Back in 2004, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be open to third-party app developers. Within just eight months, 14,000 apps were running on Facebook. Today, one out of every four Facebook users plays games. A mind-boggling 250 million people play games through Facebook, up 11 percent from 2012. About 927,000,000 total hours are spent each month on Facebook games. Furthermore, the introduction of games like Farmville and Mob Wars has birthed a new kind of online gaming—social gaming, the activity or practice of playing a video game on a social media platform.

The biggest game on Facebook, Candy Crush got its start on a social network—its level of popularity and success really took off after going mobile. The game rakes in a whopping $850,000 per day and $310,250,000 per year. If Candy Crush were its own country, it’d be 218th on the list, according to GDP. A sequel to Zynga’s wildly popular game Farmville, Farmville 2 is now the second most popular Facebook game. With over 40 million monthly users, some 850 million crops are harvested each day. Farmville 2 used its success to raise money in a fundraising drive for, 17,876 people have been supplied with lifetime access to clean water.

It’s estimated that by 2015, the social gaming industry will be worth $9 billion globally. To learn more about social gaming, check out the infographic below presented by

Source: The Industry of Facebook Games