Business life is not easy. You don’t always have a time to do all the stuff you need. Sometimes you feel that there is not enough time to meet with all the clients face to face. Read this infographic to find out why you should always find time for face to face meetings.  Did you know that 87% of professionals believe face to face meetings are essential for sealing a business deal? Virtual meetings can vary widely in their level of human presence but they can never substitute meeting someone in the flesh. When meeting somebody face to face you can have better insight into their emotions and state of mind. You must admit that emails are really impersonal and you can never know what the other person is feeling. We all know that LOL never means laughing out loud. When talking to somebody face to face you can see their body language and their facial gestures. By these subtle visual cues you can “hear” the things people aren’t saying. This aspect of communication is completely lost when communicating virtually.

One of the biggest problems with virtual communications are technological delays and disruptions. It’s just your luck to lose camera signal while having a meeting with one of your biggest clients. You can be sure you will leave a better impression if you show up in person than by talking on the phone. You can use your body language, firm hand shake and tone of your voice at your advantage. Your irresistible personality will also help you to leave a good impression in person. Yes, video communication can show off your charm. But it’s hard to discern the nuances of your client body language when you can only see their cropped image. Just imagine having a conversation with a client who has a bad internet connection or lousy quality camera.