You need to live longer and extremely, with passion and lust for life. You know how? No. So let me teach you. Let’s start with this: consider being a nurse in Las Vegas.

Ok, Las  Vegas is not only a place known for its glitz and glamour, but also for the qualitative schools and training programs for undergraduates, especially those pursuing a nursing profession. Nurses can easily be considered the most extreme people in the world, considering they’re frontline witnesses to the killings and atrocities of mankind that even Quentin Tarantino cannot attempt to document.

Of course, you can’t live extremely as a nurse if you don’t know how to study as one. You already know that that there are 3 main factors to consider when you are searching for the best nursing schools in Las Vegas: credibility of its graduate, average passing rate and schools and alumni’s reputation. What you don’t know is that in Las Vegas is where you can be a nurse and also be a gambler, a real life witness to the extremes of humanity, and this is also where you can play the part of that girl in Leaving Las Vegas. That kind of angst. That kind of extreme living. All that can be had if you live as a Las Vegas nurse.

Named as one of the biggest and grandest places on Earth, Las Vegas houses the University of Nevada, which is known for the large number of students pursuing a nursing career. Nursing is one course that is considered “in demand” with an attractive career outlook in Las Vegas, but if you want to go to the extreme and become a nurse the way an extreme person would do, you not only would study to become a nurse, and but also consider playing as a nurse in a movie where David O’ Russell or Steve McQueen is the director. Sounds amazing, right?

S0 go start living extremely. If you need more help, this infographic should be your guide.