Most homeowners are concerned with maintaining their yards, keeping the plumbing functioning, and doing small upgrades to keep their home current. Could you imagine landscaping your private islands, polishing the 24-karat gold that lines your pool, or even making sure that your furnished teepee is always tidy just in case guests come over? The owner of the Penthouse at the Pierre Hotel in New York City chooses not to be bothered with keeping up such extravagance and pays a $42,720 monthly maintenance fee instead.

New York City penthouses are known for holding some of the country’s priciest landholdings, but you might be extremely surprised to learn that the most expensive property in the United States lies in Greenwich Connecticut. Copper Beech Farm, with a 190 million dollar price tag, sold this past April for 120 million, still making it the most expensive home sale in the United States. Utopia Management released this infographic with some of the countries priciest pads, and just a few of the luxurious amenities that earned them their value.

While these homes may leave you full of envy and desire, next time you procrastinate mowing the lawn or painting a room, keep in mind that these elaborate residences would leave you caring for horse stables or organizing your 9-car garage.