With the recent release of Penguin 4.0 in Google search engine, Google reassured its users a more convenient and memorable experience while searching on the internet. However, this latest update means a lot to SEO practitioners, especially for those who heavily relies on traditional link building to increase their site’s ranking on SERPs.

With Penguin now part of Google’s core algorithm and now running real-time, the days of old-school link schemes are also numbered. If you’re still sticking to the outdated approach of traditional link building, you might consider updating your SEO strategy to prevent your site from getting penalized by Google. By updating, we mean that you have to take a look on the modern way to execute your link building approach to align with the changing environment of the search engines.

This is where link earning comes into the scene. Built upon the foundation of quality content, link earning basically means earning natural links to your website, and at the same time, engaging with your audiences as well. With quality, usefulness, and relevance at hand, link earning assumes that content is the surest way to build website’s importance decently and successfully.

But what made it different from the traditional link building strategy anyways? To give you some glimpse in this infographic, here are some of the key points that separate traditional link building to link earning strategy:

  1. It promotes cross promotion between websites in a more natural manner.
  2. It leverages the power of social networking sites to amplify content distribution.
  3. It takes a well-crafted content to do link earning.
  4. Curated Directories and local listings are critical in to earn high-quality links.
  5. Guest posting as the new way to increase exposure instead of submitting to general directories.
  6. Community members and Influencers helps you in spreading your content across your audience.

To have a deeper insight about this topic, take a look at this infographic from CJG Digital Marketing and see why link earning has essentially replaced link building in today’s Search Engine Optimization sphere.


Embedded from CJG Digital Marketing.