Richard Mille might be a relatively new brand in the universe of luxury watches, but its growth in 2012 surpassed the combined values of four other high-end brands like the giant Cartier. However, numbers and stats didn’t build the brand: that was a work well done by their beautiful watches and a few curious stories behind the timepieces. Stories like the one that happened in 2010 with Rafael Nadal. The tennis star has been appearing in matches and events using the brand’s exclusive model RM 027 Tourbillon for three years now, thanks to a massive sponsorship deal. The clock, worth over £250,000, is unique and that is probably why it was already stolen twice.

The watch is composed of 50 pieces, but only weights 20 grams, including the strap, which is less than one third the weight of a common clock. The lightness is guaranteed by materials like carbon canister and lithium alloys, used in aerospace engineering and Formula 1. Before definitely start wearing the RM 027 Tourbillon, Rafael Nadaltested it several times in real conditions.The athlete’s help was crucial in order to create what is currently one of the most expensive watches in the world that can withstand high shock loads, but still look sleek and modern.

With so many great features and an amazing value, attracting unwanted attention is inevitable. Nadal first lost his unique watch in 2010, during the Masters Series in Toronto. After that episode, the timepiece got rifled again in 2012, at a luxury Parisian hotel, the day after Roland Garros’ final. Thankfully, this time, the watch was recovered.Richard Mille can breathe more easily and Nadal can still look stylish, like many other men around the world who can’t resist to a luxury watch. If you are a watch lover like these people, you will love the infographic we have for you!