Search engines change their algorithms and evolve regularly for a variety of reasons. The purpose of these changes is not to just fight web spam but also includes improving overall user satisfaction, improving relevance, or answering queries more effectively. This infographic shows how Google’s algorithms have updated in last 10 years. Although, It only shows some of the notable changes it made but there are many more than these, we may not obviously notice them everyday however.

This approach of changing and evolving regularly made Google the number one and most reliable search engine in history to date. Lets just also look at their revenue and profit. When they brought $2.5 billion in revenue in 2003, we all thought that was impressice, however the search engine reportedly made more than 50 billion in revenue (and around $14 billion in profit) in 2013. That’s a phenomenal 2000% growth in just ten years. Although they have dozens of products and services to offer, 97% revenue comes from the sale of advertising only. According to a report, Google responds to more than 3 billion queries every single day.

To put things in perspective of how much Google has grown just look at this, when Google’s founder filed a patent to USPTO for the first time, they mentioned that the estimated size of web was around 500 GB. Today, Google’s own index is nearly 100 million GB in size. Oh, how things have changed.