First, a quick definition…

Conversion Rate Optimization is a technique that uses analytics and user feedbacks to increase your website’s performance. It seeks to improve on any metric that is considered important to your business’ key performance indicators (KPI) such as sales increase, downloads, and signups among others. In other words, CRO aims to turn passive web visitors to valuable users and customers. At its most basic level, CRO means figuring out what users want and giving it to them without necessarily increasing your ad spend/website visitors. It is a way of making the most of what you already have in terms of web visitors.

The state of CRO


So what is the current state of Conversion Rate Optimization?

CRO is now transforming something marketers can choose to do to something that has to be done by every marketer. As you can see from this state of conversion rate optimization by Invesp, 53% of marketers think CRO is important. Indeed, CRO is important because:

  • It results in better ROI as a result of higher conversion rate. Organizations that invest in CRO are likely to see more revenue.
  • It is a more cost effective way of finding more visitors
  • It takes care of the limited patience of visitors. Customers don’t have the patient to browse through your web pages to take an action if they are not presented with a clear, crisp, attention-seeking Call-to-Action buttons.

The most important thing to note, however, about conversion optimization is that it is about getting more of the right customers than just blindly optimizing and converting customers who might be the wrong fit for your customers. So a good optimization strategy demands that you focus on optimizing relevant customers at the right time and place. Doing anything else might be a waste of time.

Therefore, conversion rate optimization is no longer a fancy term used by elite marketers to sound grandiose, but it is now a necessity in the marketing world. With companies competing mercilessly to win customers, doing proper CRO is your best bet when it comes to converting customers. CRO makes it possible for one to measure conversions and make improvements where necessary. If you can’t measure the rate at which you are converting, you are simply walking in the dark.