You have to understand that the world you’re in is not as safe as it used to be. The online world is full of hackers, identity phisers, spammers, and advertisers out to get you and your electronic money. Everyday you unconsciously upload the most private information about your location, preferences and real name to the most notorious agencies that can jeopardize your files. There should be a place or at least a method that can help you veer away from the malicious data aggregrators that can bend your identity. There should be available help.

 Fortunately, there is. And one of those is by considering uploading your files in the Deep Web. The Deep Web is the part of the online world that you’ve never seen before and that you might only have first heard of because we’re telling it to you right now. This is the lower part of the iceberg that forms foundation to the tip which is that you always see while you’re on Facebook. The Deep Web showcases both a balance of notoriety and digital asylum for anyone who’s paranoid enough to hide h/erself from the mainstream net. You have to consider the deep web because when the armaggedon comes, how can you surf the net without the enemy snooping on your data? You can learn more about this deep web in this infographic.