Mother’s Day is this weekend be sure to wish your Mom Happy Mother’s Day on Facebook, chances are she is checking it at least once a day.

A recent study done by Facebook Data Science shows there are over 27 million Moms using Facebook with an average age of 47 years old. Moms aren’t sitting around comparing notes at book club, playgroups or in the bleachers they are looking to Social Media to get their information. Moms are looking at Facebook at least once a day and almost a third are using a mobile device to scan the site.

This provides a very serious demographic to market to as studies show Moms are more likely to purchase a product based on recommendations they see on Facebook. They are one of the largest groups using Facebook and they are making purchasing decisions. According to New Media and Marketing, Mothers control over $2 trillion in purchasing power in the United States.

Still think your customers aren’t using Facebook – you might want to think again!