Running for over 45 years and being a beacon of hope for millions of children, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood is perhaps the most beloved of children’s television. From its debut in 1968 to its finale in 2001, the show saw 1,765 episodes and 206 songs.

But who is the man behind the sweater? Fred McFeely Rogers was born in the small town of Latrobe, Pennsylvania in 1928. In 1968 Fred Rogers served as a chairman of a White House forum for child development in the mass media and a year later spoke before the US Senate. He gave a mind-blowing and moving speech about kindness, a value that would become his legacy and a message to millions of people. After his speech, congress raised the national funding of PBS from nine million to 21 million dollars.

During the show’s run, Mr. Rogers gave lessons that were easy for kids to understand without lacking emotional depth and importance for development. He encouraged self acceptance and self worth in children even when they felt sad or angry or scared. Closing every single episode with the unforgettable and inspirational quote, “You’ve made this day a special day, by just your being you,” Fred Rogers helped raise generations of confident, happy children.

So many Americans have a special place in their heart for Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. In 2013, the 10th anniversary of his passing, we’d like to honor him with this infographic highlighting his achievements. How has Mr. Rogers changed your life? Take a look at the infographic below and let us know in the comments.