Clearly, technology has changed the way we work and play.

Because of the personal computing and network industry’s explosive 25-year growth, you do not have to be tethered to your personal computer to monitor your health, money and even book a vacation or rent a car.

In fact, with the development of the desktop computer, mobile tablets and expanding wireless networking capability means that consumer good manufacturers are using technological breakthroughs to network-enable your appliances.

While the following infographic from details the evolution of the PC and the networking industry, here are six technological innovations and computer-enabled products that you can use in connection with a wireless network to make your life more productive, enjoyable and a little easier.

  1. Your Car: The latest vehicles leaving the showroom are equipped with technology that interacts with the car’s communication and entertainment systems. However, there are also aftermarket devices that provide connectivity between your home’s wireless networking system and your car, when it is in close range. On the other hand, you can buy a vehicle monitoring system that monitor’s the acceleration or speed of the vehicle and automatically uploads this information to your personal computer.
  2. Your Bathroom: Wireless controllers are now available to control the lighting in the bathroom, to play music during your shower, or control the jet streams on your Jacuzzi tub. In fact, there are luxury bathing units that allow users to link their home PC and stereo system, so you can enjoy your favorite music while you relax.
  3. Your Home Appliances: While the first Internet-enabled refrigerator was launched in June 2000, it led the way for wireless-based information appliances such as microwave ovens, air conditioners and washing machines. With these home-networking products, you can pre-program cooling times for your air conditioner or call your refrigerator from your cell phone, tablet or any other Internet-enabled device.
  4. Your Exercise Equipment: Wireless networking and computer-enabled devices can play a part in maximizing your daily workout regimen. There are internet applications that can link to your exercise equipment and facilitate personalized workout programs that can be controlled remotely through an Internet connection.
  5. Your Musical Instruments: If you need instant access to online music stores, some instruments have the ability to connect your piano, violin or chello to the World Wide Web. Or you can plug your wireless network into a computer-enabled Chickering, Wurlitzer or Baldwin piano and let the instrument play any piece of music for you via a wireless remote control.
  6. Your Pet: GPS-based services to track your pet are helpful. Too often, a pet parent has dealt with the stress of losing their pet. The GPS device may be implanted in a chip or attached to your pet’s collar. As an upgrade to a simple pet tracking system, you can use computer technology to keep tabs on your wayward dog or cat. With this technology connected to your wireless network, you can get automatic notification and even real-time feedback if your dog goes out your yard, or is nabbed by pet thieves.