Ecommerce emails are catching pace in the email marketing world. According to a study by Awprotools, 33% of consumers report that email contributes most to their online spending. This is a large chunk. With ecommerce email marketing on the rise it becomes extremely important to know the essence of it.

Ecommerce emails are a combination of numerous things that contribute to the overall success. Here are a few important pointers that can guide you through your ecommerce email marketing campaigns.

  • Segment – Know Your Customers

Segmenting your list according to the last purchase, gender, age, Geolocation, demographic, interests, etc. can help segment your list according to what your customer is interested in and what can lead to conversions. Segmentation helps to target the customer in ways to increase ROI. 77% of ROI comes from segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns, according to a report by DMA.

  • Personalize – Increase Transactional Rates

Personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates as per a report by Experian. This is great to increase conversions and grab the attention of the customer. Personalization can be achieved once your list is segmented and you have an in-depth data of the same.

  • Subject Line – To Upsurge Conversions

Once your list is segmented make sure to have short, straight and to-the-point subject lines in your emails according to your segmented list. Personalization in subject lines can also help increase opens and clicks. Symbols in subject lines are rare but can boost opens and clicks. Make sure to have a strong and CTA oriented subject line.

  • Send Time – Crucial For Opens & Clicks

Sending your email at the best opportune time can obviously boost opens and clicks but it can also lead to massive conversions if done right. Sending an email at the most convenient time to the customer will aid in increasing sales. The best time mostly is early morning or late in the evening.

  • Expand Your Leads – Boost visibility

Expanding your leads is a great way to boost visibility. The more leads you can capture, the easier it’s to increase your visibility. Make sure to welcome new subscribers and at the same time have social sharing options to enhance visibility to capture and increase leads.

  • Nurture Your Leads – Make Them Grow

Once you’ve captured your leads and have a loyal customer base you must keep them engaged. Make sure to take feedbacks and give offers that keep them coming back. This can really aid in nurturing your leads. Automation emails are a great way to do the same. They keep your leads engaged and up to date, along with sending them a constant reminder of your latest offers and invitations.

Wrap Up:

Ecommerce email marketing is great for your business. Make sure to follow a step by step procedure to reach your destination. The essence of ecommerce email marketing lies in the base of it. Have a strong base that can help boost ROI, increasing conversions and help in sales.

Ecommerce Email Marketing