With social networking platforms, every customer has a voice and the “customer-centric” marketing model needs a remix. Among American consumers, 2.4 million brand-related conversations are occurring every day and whether your customers will be brand advocates or brand detractors is up to you. SAP discusses the new rules of customer engagement for marketing, sales, and service in the infographic below.

Make sure your marketing team is embracing the new dialogue dynamic. 60% of people’s willingness to advocate for a company is driven by their perceptions of the company itself rather than their products. Show your audience how great your company is by engaging with them and personalizing your interactions through marketing and social data.

To remain relevant to your customers, you must understand their unique challenges and connect with them early so you can help shape their vision of your company. It’s important to remember that 57% of a buyer’s decision-making process is completed before they interact with a sales representative. When they do reach the point of purchase make sure their buying experience will make them an advocate for your brand.

You want to know your customers better than they know themselves. Try to use data to know what they need before they tell you. Every interaction with customers, whether they are telling you about a good experience or a bad one, is an opportunity to gain their loyalty. Continue to give them a world class customer service experience and they will be brand promoters for life.