All there is to know about electricity in the modern age of young people with the lowest attention span is that it powers the reservoir of a stream of distractions necessary to view cats. You need electricity to watch Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee or write about it in Bisaya. You need electricity to power your iPhone, the gadget you use to stream trailers of new Woody Allen movies. Your appliances are of no use without electricity, so you might as well learn how much it costs to maintain those.

It’s interesting how people can’t seem to change their attachment to things the previous generation wanted them to have. You can’t imagine your life without Coke or an oven or La Germania stoves, but you know what? There’s an increasing inalienable proof that you can live a life without owning a refrigerator and that you can still have a meaningful existence and a life full of hours you can use to watch all of Woody Allen’s movies for the eighth time without lodging that overpriced oven you only used once this month because you needed a door stop. It’s no less than Ron Swanson who said that a life without deliciousness is nothing but a vapid uninspired lifestyle, and would you want that? Would you want to waste all that Earth’s precious energy without satisfaction? If life is to enjoy, what’s the point of that? So you need the facts, or if fact is too strong a word, you need information to verify or to discount. So this infographic is a good start, don’t you think?