Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do”, Bruno Mars crooned to it and we all cried our eyes hard thinking about all our special friends who have made our life so pleasant. Everyone needs a friend and when it is something as strenuous as moving home, the need for friends reaches new heights. But the question that arises is how to convince your friends to lend a helping hand during your move? Here are some practical ideas to convince your friends on helping you –

  • When you know that you would be moving to a new location, it is better to inform your friends as soon as possible. Informing beforehand will make your friends remember the date and this would help them make their plans accordingly. When asking for help, try to act normal and do not rush the things.
  • If you have nice friends, nicely asking for help would do. However, most of us have tricky friends who will not help you unless they have something for them out of it. So entice your friends with exciting evenings full of alcoholic beverages and free snacks. Most of them will not be able to say no. At least for the time being.
  • Even if this does not tickle the interest of your buddies, you can always bribe them. In return of getting their help on moving, you can offer to babysit for them, offer tickets for a new concert playing nearby. Sometimes even offering money cam also do the trick.
  • A lot of your friends would agree to help you during your move with these offers. However, a few of you who have tough ones, blackmailing them is your only hope! So you can blackmail them that you will tell their partner what they did last summer or any other thing that they might be scared of.

On a serious note, moving is an extremely strenuous activity and it is something which can not be undertaken on your own. It is therefore extremely important to ask for help when you are moving. It is therefore essential to hire professional movers who can help you with all the aspects of your move. Hire professional movers so that you can enjoy quality time with your friends.