The Holiday season might not be the most obvious time of the year for restaurateurs to start think about email marketing. The chances are, your reservations are looking pretty strong over the coming months. In fact, you’re probably wondering just how your kitchen and front-of-house staff are going to cope between now and the New Year.

But it is precisely because you are busy you need to start thinking about email marketing. Just think about all those festive diners coming through your door. How are you going to get them back on a cold, damp January evening when all the festivities are over? Yes, you’ve got it – Email Marketing.

If you are packed out every night, now might not be the right time to be hitting your customers with too many email campaigns. But it is certainly the right time to be building your email marketing lists to get people coming back through your door.

Email Marketing List Building Tip: Always ask your diners for their email address when making a reservation or paying their bill. Tell them you would like to send them some special offers or vouchers for the New Year and very few will refuse.

For more email marketing inspiration for restaurateurs check out the following infographic produced by iContact.