Any email marketer worth their salt knows that it is tough to stand out and capture the attention of your subscribers with every email campaign. Plentiful articles are strewn across the wide web stating that a perfectly personalized subject line will greatly help to increase the open rates, but the conversion rate depends on how well the email resonates with the subscribers’ requirements. Your email design and how the information is catered to your subscribers greatly contributes to this.

Sifting through numerous sources, EmailMonks have compiled Mantras that are quintessential for succeeding in the field of email marketing.

Email Marketing Mantras

Mantra #1: Use dynamic content blocks for improved personalization

No two subscribers are similar, but their preferences can be largely categorized in order to deliver tailor-made content based on their behavioral patterns or customer personas. While this is already being implemented by segmenting email lists based on preferences, it shall soon be replaced with dynamic contents.

Dynamic content means the content changes based on pre-set criteria and by including dynamic content blocks in your emails, you can display customized content based on location, age, sex, purchase history, user engagement, etc.

What sets a dynamic email apart from a segmented email is that a segmented email is same for a segment of subscribers with common preferences, while dynamic email further customizes the content for individual subscribers.

Mantra #2: Stick to consistent branding for unique brand identity

Most marketers confuse consistent Branding Guidelines with using brand colors, logos, typefaces and other branding assets across all their digital platforms such as emails, landing pages, web pages, etc. While these do come under Branding Guidelines, using a consistent tone as well as a digital presence to create a unique brand identity is important for your subscribers to associate with your brand more efficiently.

Mantra #3: Create automated emails that sound more humane, less programmatic

Automated emails are like those friends who are greatly helpful to you but lack social skills owing to which you don’t prefer having a close association with them. Automated emails are greatly helpful in sending timely emails to your subscribers but owing to less scope of personalization available, they tend to sound more robotic. A subscriber desires to have an actual conversation with an email marketer instead just being considered just a name in a mailing list. So, email marketers will need to come up with better options to personalize their automated emails.

Email Design Mantras

Mantra #4: Use interactivity in your emails

As stated in Litmus’ State of Email Design, approximately 46.3% companies expressed interest in using interactivity in their emails. While interactive elements in emails are widely popular amongst email users, this also means that email marketers are interested in implementing interactive email elements in their emails.
Additionally, the news of Gmail now supporting interactivity with AMP would easily translate into email marketers experimenting with interactive elements at a wider level.

Mantra #5: Use Kinetic emails as another alternative to animation

Animation using GIF or embedded video was the go-to solution for any email marketer to include some amount of animation in their emails. With more and more email clients supporting CSS animation and transition, it becomes easy to create looping animation in your emails without increasing the overall load time of an email and without having to put any additional design assets.

Mantra #6: Make your emails accessible

An accessible email doesn’t mean you create a separate email layout for subscribers with some kind of disabilities. You need to make your existing email designs inclusive enough to be accessed, perceived and interacted by anyone without being bound by barriers.

Wrapping Up:

This is a glimpse of the Email Marketing and Design Mantras that we have compiled. To view rest of them, check out this Infographic titled “11 Quintessential Email Mantras To Rejuvenate Your Email Marketing Campaigns”.

Email marketing and Design Mantras