Many businesses have embraced the Internet and digital marketing due to tons of benefits and convenience made available by these technologies at considerably less cost. These marketers have realized that no matter how great or in-demand your products or services are, you will not generate any business if your websites and pages do not generate enough traffic of targeted customers.

A significant part of this digital marketing strategy is the use of paid online advertising strategies. Reports published by Strategy Analytics estimated that Internet advertising will account for 28%, or 52.8 billion dollars of the estimated $187 billion advertising spend in the US by 2015. This growth is attributed to the higher trust and preference consumers are now giving to online advertising, just like what BrightRoll’s survey of ad agencies is saying. The survey indicated that as much as 72% of consumers believe online video ads are the same or even better than TV ads.

In line with this, CJG Digital Marketing shares this list of effective paid online advertising channels that you can use to reach quality customers – faster, more targeted and more cost effectively – to help reach your business goals.

1. Search Ads – Search ads like those offered by Google leverage on the power of the search engine, with ads appearing in search results. Before you can use search advertising, you need to activate your Google AdWords Account or similar advertising platforms.

2. Pay-per-click Advertising – One of the best paid digital marketing tools available that you can harness for targeting high-quality audiences interested in your products or services is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Google AdWords lead other platforms like Bing Ads in this regard, with costs and ROI determined by your Quality Score and the number of clicks your ads will generate.

Check-out the 7 more paid advertising channels on the infographic below:

Embedded from CJG Digital Marketing.