The last three months have brought some welcome good news for Yahoo and their new CEO Marissa Mayer. According to this infographic, earnings for the firm are up by four cents per share, while revenues remain at a healthy level of around $4.5bn. However, the mini-revival in Yahoo’s fortunes isn’t all that it seems.

One key figure to come from their quarterly report is that advertising revenue is down by 10%. Although advertising fluctuates regularly, this may be something Mayer has to look at closely if she’s to continue to steer Yahoo in the right direction, especially as it can mean the difference between profit and loss.

The previous quarter saw earning per share stand at $0.35, $0.033 higher than Q4. This suggests that things haven’t been quite so good for the company, but building on one or two positives could help to make Yahoo an attractive proposition to investors and traders looking to make a profit.

This infographic was provided by City Index.