For the people that still think Dogecoin is just a joke, the cryptocurrency already outperformed the world’s most famous digital currency. On December 20, the total number of transactions involving Dogecoins went over 199,000, while Bitcoin only registered 64,000. Wow! Much growth!

The phenomenon kicked-off on December 14, reaching its maximum six days later. However, even with a very high transaction rate, one Dogecoin is still only worth around $1.275. But don’t get sad for Doge, because that is exactly the goal set by the cryptocurrency’s creators. The duo of programmers behind Dogecoin wants the digital currency to become an awesome tipping system that can be used online.

The coin was created to be used in virtual transactions, and not kept as an investment. That is its main difference when compared to Bitcoin. The high number of coins available to mine further reinforces this point, as there are still over 71 trillion Dogecoins waiting for an owner, who could easily be you since the difficulty level is really low.

This, along with all the information displayed in the following infographic, comes to show that Dogecoin is really fighting to become a certified system related to micro transactions and an amazing way of giving kudos to other fellow online surfers.

While there are currently few commercial applications for the cryptocurrency, the digital coin only wants to keep growing and boost its acceptance, especially when it comes to social media. The community of Shiba Inus predicts a great future for Dogecoin, so be aware. Even if you are not a dog person, you might want to start adopting some virtual dogs and join the pack.

For now stay with this awesome infographic and have fun learning more about Dogecoin and its features. In the end we are sure you will say “Wow, much data, so Doge”. Or something like that.