Technology innovation is changing the way we interact and behave. Over the past twenty years, we have moved from monochromatic newspaper to playbooks to digital news portals. This evolution in news consumption inadvertently means the future of advertising is also drastically changing. To give credence to this, Go-Globe says 25% of advertising revenue now comes from digital news content from publicly traded companies. Moreover, at least 92% of internet users say they consume online digital news.

Digital News Consumption Statistics

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This tells us that the future of online digital advertising is bright. To better prepare for the present and the future, digital marketers should consider the following points:

  • Mobile is the way to go

Embrace mobile or die. That is what the market is telling us. Mobile is one hell of disruptive technology that has demolished the traditional order. Mobile is taking over. If you have not embraced mobile, this is the time to. According to Adweek, mobile ad revenue is exploding at the expense of desktop ad. For instance, mobile ad revenue grew by 66% in 2015 while desktop ad revenue only managed a 5% increase. PewResearch found out that almost two thirds of Americans get their news via their mobile devices. Marketers should therefore, start looking at mobile digital news as well because the bulk of the audience can be found there.

  • Social media still reigns supreme

Most media companies have embraced social media as a way of keeping their fans informed. Normally, when a new story is published, it is first shared on social media before it is even printed. A report by State of the Media suggests that about 20% of Americans use social media as their first source of news. Although there have been some claims that Facebook has become outdated for millennials, it turns out that it is not true. Young people still spend a lot of time on Facebook. You can also find them on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Social media generates conversations and triggers word of mouth marketing, the two things that make it so attractive to marketers.

  • Great content is better

Generally, people go online to look for content; not just any content. Unlike in the past, options are now endless, and this is giving content marketers sleepless nights. It is therefore, important to design great content that will appeal to your audience. some of the elements that should be included in your digital content to make it more appealing include videos, social media posts and comments, statistics, images, charts and graphs, blog, comments section, interactive tools and podcasts, among others.