So you’re thinking about changing things up or starting fresh with your digital marketing plan. A good starting point is by stepping back and looking at the overall marketing funnel with a clean slate. Start by plugging in the tools you want to use and figure out where they will fit into your digital marketing funnel.

Your digital marketing plan is like a well-oiled machine, with lots of moving parts that each serve a distinct purpose. That purpose is to drive traffic, generate leads and ultimately create conversions. So you have to decide what tools will best fit your needs and fit into your overall digital marketing plan.

There’s plenty of little tricks and tools available now days that can get your digital marketing plan up and running. I like to look at your website as your main hub. From there, it branches off into the different tools that draws traffic to your site. Each tool is going to fit into a different location within the marketing funnel.

Perhaps you’re using social media to generate leads, which starts at the top of the marketing funnel. Or maybe it’s a retargeting ad that is sent out to someone who has already visited your site and taken a look at your products but didn’t make a purchase. This particular lead is already well within the funnel.

So make sure you know where each tool fits and use it accordingly. Some of the tools that we recommend using is social media, SEO, paid search and email marketing. While all businesses serve different purposes, therefore will utilize different marketing tools, these four can be useful regardless of your business. Each of these little strategies can breath life into your digital marketing plan, and each can be used in different parts of your marketing funnel.

If you’d like to learn more about these 4 digital marketing strategies, take a look at the infographic below on “Digital Marketing Tools That Work.” Within the infographic, you will find information and statistics on how well these tools have worked in the last year and what to expect to see in the near future.