Going the traditional (or offline) route alone for your marketing strategy is not a very practical move in the current global market atmosphere. The effectiveness of current marketing strategies rely on the efficient use of both offline and online methods, with more and more businesses leaning towards digital marketing methods. In fact, budget sentiments for 2014 favor digital and mobile strategies a lot more than traditional media as seen from the chart below:

global marketing budget sentiment

Just like global marketing teams spending over $135 billion dollars on new digital marketing tools and materials this year, you should also consider investing more on effective digital marketing strategies. But just how do you succeed with your digital marketing campaign? Only two routes are available for any business owners – DIY  in-house style or outsource to an external digital marketing agency.

So, which one should you choose? The answer will lie on your particular situation, market, and targeted audiences. The following takes a more in-depth look into these two methods so you can check out for yourself which strategy will work best for your business.

The Infographic (click to zoom):

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