As we comfortably get into 2016 we see that many HR and Leadership topics such as employee engagement remain the same as the past few years. It remains a strong defining factor for successful companies and the underlying tone of keeping people involved at all levels across the organization remains a key priority. The combination of these two management factors brings the execution of employee engagement under scrutiny. No longer is HR the single driving force of engagement, instead, they’ve become the referee.

I did publish a short eBook on the topic which you can download here but if you’d rather get a bird’s eye view on who the players are, what key responsibilities they should take on and some quick fixes (yes, such things exist) for increasing employee engagement, take a look at this infographic I put together. If everyone isn’t playing their role in employee engagement I guarantee your efforts will significantly suffer and perhaps even fail.

Remember, the bottom line is that employees are one of your best brand ambassadors. And employee engagement is not an annual effort which can be measured at the beginning or end of of the year – that’s only one part of a process that should be very well thought out. While you work on setting up a formal employee engagement program and getting the buy in of all stakeholders, do what you can. Don’t be intimidated. And believe that positive changes in employee engagement will positively impact the bottom line of your business.

Different Players In Employee Engagement

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