What’s the most important thing that matters in email marketing? It’s knowing what your subscribers and customers expect from you. But of course, you would not know what that is just by guessing, right? It’s on finding out what subscribers want that you will be able to decide how to develop your business and most importantly plan your marketing strategy.

For an email marketer, knowing subscriber’s perception of email and what they expect aids in writing emails that get opened because you are sharing information that they want to read.

Here are some factors that need to be taken seriously because they matter to the subscriber and hence matter to you, too:

Do I know you?

The from name and address you use for your emails could be the key to the success of your campaign. Your busy subscriber has very little time to decide which emails to open and which not to. If your from name and address is not recognizable, there are chances that your subscriber may not bother to open your email in spite of no intentions of ignoring you. It is thus critical to choose an effective and consistent from name and email address.

Aha! I like that subject line… I should check the email

While 35% recipients open emails based on the subject line alone, personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. These stats only show how important subject lines are for subscribers to make the decision about opening an email. Thus, make sure you spend substantial amount of time crafting an apt yet crisp subject line. And the most important thing, never ever use a misguiding subject line that is no way related to the crux of the campaign.

Is this email relevant to me?

Just like emails are evolving, so are subscribers. They now expect to receive relevant and personalized content. They expect the email copy to be tailor-made to their preferences and likes. And doing so too is not a big deal for email marketers. The best way to understand your subscribers better is to ask them what they prefer. The next best way is to make the most of machine learning. You can now find out what your subscriber prefers or likes by tracking their browsing behavior and purchase history.

I love those amazing images

Phones, tablets, desktops- all have retina screens now. It thus becomes very important for email marketers to use high DPI displays because images not optimized for high DPI screens end up looking blurred and pixelated on retina screens. You don’t want to give a bad experience to your subscribers, do you?

There are some more factors you need to delve deep into in order to understand your subscribers’ perception better and tweak your email strategy accordingly. The Monks make a light-hearted attempt to bring email marketers closer to their subscribers in this awesome infographic: Marketer’s Expectations vs Subscriber’s Perception of an Email. Also, get a free eBook – ‘Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Email Campaign Management’.