You’ve heard their names, their music, and their demises. The age “27” has gotten a bad reputation with the number of musicians that lost their lives at such a young age. Whether it be drugs or alcohol, substance abuse took the lives of many legends.

Guitarist and singer Jimi Hendrix, known for his psychedelic guitar skills, lost his life due to choking on his own vomit after ingesting 9 sleeping pills. In the same year, 1970, while the hippie movement and drug use was hot, singer and songwriter Janis Joplin had her life cut short at just 27 from a heroin and alcohol overdose. Another guitarist and singer from the 70’s era, Doors’ frontman, Jim Morrison, met his demise after a heroin overdose in 1971.

While the curse of 27 was on hiatus, 23 years later Nirvana’s leader, Kurt Cobain, was found dead with traces of heroin and valium in his blood and a gunshot in his head. And then we have Amy Winehouse, who in 2011, just a year ago; battled with her alcohol addiction and lost, Winehouse was also only 27.

So, whether it be drugs or alcohol, addiction is a very serious issue. This world has lost a lot of beloved people due to substance abuse. Don’t let you or your loved ones join club 27.

Check out this infographic presented by Living Sober to learn more about some of the most famous celebrity overdoses.


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