Data gathered by providers of cloud based solutions shows that more and more businesses in the Europe and North America, employ such services and applications in their business operations. The results of correct implementation are steady growth and rapid reduction in the amount of resources needed. Modern cloud based solutions offer vast functionality at an affordable price, so small and medium sized business owners can finally take advantage of this technology.

With the rapid growth of cloud technology, however, another disturbing trend begins to emerge – there aren’t many ways to check how reputable particular provider is and this pose immediate threat to the security of sensitive data within your organization. According to recent analysis on cloud adoption and risks, between 10% and 50% of the cloud applications are actually not visible to IT and an average of 86% of cloud applications are unsanctioned.

The large percentage of unsanctioned cloud applications is massive and the conclusion that there is the need of more organizations to enforce data security standards for cloud providers seems really plausible. However, until this happens, your most sensitive business and customer data could be at risk. Vastly underestimated by small and medium sized business owners, the risks of data theft are incredibly high, especially when the data is stored by a third-party service or a provider.

Take Action!

The best approach to data security is prevention, it starts with the creation of a company’s data security policy and continues with educating your employees about their most potentially dangerous online habits.  Don’t underestimate the nature of the problem – if you have internet in your office, your computer is part of the world’s network and if unsecured, is exposed to attacks from various sources. No matter how many solutions you use, how big or small are your needs for software solutions, how often you connect online – it’s up to you to secure your all devices you use in your business and establish strict rules for prevention.

Many business owners don’t take any action, because they feel they lack the knowledge to perform such task. The truth is that there are really simple ways to secure sensitive business data, starting with the implementation of strong passwords through setting up firewalls to encrypting business emails. If you still can’t handle it – there are many companies and freelance professionals, who will be more than happy to help you craft data protection policy for your business within your budget.

Data protection is not for large enterprises anymore – no matter what industry you are involved with, you need to protect all data you store your personal and business devices. There is no way around this and the faster you realize it, the faster you will secure sensitive data!