You know the feeling. One minute it’s smooth sailing in the call center and then the next minute your Twitter and Facebook feeds are blowing up with complaints. What do you do when your customer service agents are caught in the middle of a crisis?

“Playing Dead” Won’t Save You In a Crisis

In today’s world of social media you can’t just pretend a crisis never happened, otherwise you’ll become dead in the water. If you doubt whether silence will send your business into red alert check out these facts:

  • Only 26% of companies have a customer service strategy in place (American Express Survey)

  • 50% of the time, service agents fail to resolve customer service issues (Harris Interactive)

  • 44% of the time, service agents fail to provide accurate information (Harris Interactive)

Use Your Lifeline: Arm Yourself With the Right Skills

In the event of a crisis, are you prepared? A crisis situation is inevitably going to come up. While you hope to avoid a bad situation, there is always one lurking unseen. Arm yourself with the right customer service skills — it can be your ultimate lifesaver.

In celebration of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, this infographic was created to support you in a crisis. Whether you’re online or in tropical waters, here are 10 potentially life-saving skills to survive any treacherous situation.

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