Did you know that you don’t have to waste all the food left in your plate after a meal? That’s right. By following this simple rule, you could be decreasing your part of the 3,610,500 tonnes of food waste produced in the United Kingdom every year.

Even before you start reading the infographic we have to show you, here are a few tips that can help. First of all, buy strictly just what you need! If you don’t need an extra piece of beef or two bags of apples don’t buy them. There’s always a solution for people who want to buy less and prevent wasting food.

It’s important (and so easy) to keep your leftovers once you have finished your meal and there’s still food in the plate. Don’t throw away meat or potatoes, for instance: these ingredients can be consumed during the next day and sometimes they can even be frozen. What you can’t do is bin them and contribute to the millions of tonnes of food waste produced in the country year after year.

The same advice is great for fruit that you won’t eat because is too ripe. So make smoothies or a juice! And if you have vegetables in the same condition, cook a soup! There’s always something you can do to prevent wasting good food that could be filling the tummy of someone else that, unfortunately, cannot afford food.

But if at the end of all this process you still find yourself with wasted food, because that is inevitable in almost every case, try to produce some homemade compost and use it in your garden. See? Even after rotten and moldy, food can have a last goal: to help make something new. And it’s so easy, just look for advices online on how to properly use food wastage to make compost and you will feel really good about yourself. Help the world!