In an online world of marketing, where there’s a new viral trend every day and a new set of „you must try this“ type of advice every week, one thing is constant for years, and that is the importance of good, quality content. It is the same for any kind of internet marketing: whether you are a B2B or B2C marketer, you need good content to attract people to your website and, eventually, have them spend some money.

Research has shown – over 2/3 of customers feel better about a brand after they consume some kind of content from them. So it comes as no surprise that many companies are decreasing their budget for „traditional“ marketing and investing more in digital campaigns.

With the increase in usage of various apps and browser extensions that are created to block traditional web ads, like banners, a lot of online marketers have recognized that the true value and future of online marketing is in content marketing. They are focusing their efforts – and budget – on creating high-quality content that their customers want to consume. A vast majority of marketers are planning to invest more money in content marketing in upcoming years, from creating a strategy and plan to produce high-quality content on regular basis.

Mostly these days, the content online comes in form of social media posts or blogs on official websites, and it still works really well. Having a blog on a business website really is something a business owner can’t go wrong with. It gives the customers information they are craving, and it is an infinite source of possible marketing campaigns. Blog posts can be shared on social media, sent out in newsletters, repurposed as infographics or videos – lots of ideas for using a single piece of quality content.

Social media, especially Facebook, is the best way to promote the content after it’s created. Since there are millions of social media posts created every day, content marketers need to focus on coming up with catchy but valuable content for social media as well.

Researches have shown that visual content is the way to go. People love sharing and interacting with images and videos, and, with new ways of sharing visual content (like live videos or Snapchat) these types of content will only grow in popularity and in value for content marketers and online businesses.

Content Marketing Statistics and Trends

This infographic was originally published on Point Visible.