What is the first thing consumers do when they come across an advertisement or if they come to know about a particular product through a friend? Yes, they look for more information online. To get the best information they read about the product on a company’s website, watch videos related to that product, read reviews of others and finally they arrive at a purchase decision. In this whole process, consumers go through content like blogs, articles, reports, etc. on different social media platforms.

The Current State of Content Marketing

Marketers release lot of content online in order to educate their target audience. This content is in the form of infographics, blogs, articles, press releases, ebooks, whitepapers, etc.
93 per cent of B2B marketers are already using content marketing for reaching large number of target audience. In the year 2013, 35 per cent of marketing professionals agreed that content marketing has been their leading focus, followed by social media at 25 per cent and SEO at 15 per cent.

There are around 82 per cent of businesses which plan to increase their spending on content marketing in the years to come. Brands have been engaging their audiences on social media platforms using various content marketing strategies. 87 per cent of marketers are using social media to interact with their consumer while 81 per cent of marketers are making use of videos to cater to their target audiences’ information needs. Blogs are being used by 76 per cent of marketers while 80 per cent use newsletters to reach their consumers.

The Future of Content Marketing

Content marketing will remain a priority for almost all the marketers. It will evolve into something bigger and better for the good. According to a survey, marketers allocated 39 per cent of their sales budget to content marketing in the year 2013. This shows that marketers are willing to spend extra on content since it’s getting them benefits in various forms. Thus, budget for content marketing will continue to increase.

Apart from this, infographics will come in full swing in the years to come. Representing complex information in visual form will gain importance.

Blogs have long been considered as the most effective form of marketing tactic with 79 per cent of marketers agreeing to this. Blogs will continue to be used by marketers.
Google analytics will also be used by maximum number of marketers to increase their conversion rates.

Social media will continue to have dominating effect on content marketing strategies in 2014. In the year 2013, 88 per cent of B2C and 87 per cent of B2B marketers used social media other than blogs.


Thus, we can say that relevant, valuable and informative content is the key to reaching audience online. Marketers must keep abreast with latest online trends in content marketing to stay ahead of the pack.