In any form of marketing, the key to effective communications that generate the kind of results you want depend on how well you know the people you are talking to. Each person has unique attributes that are defined by their various needs, lifestyles and motivations. From a consumer’s perspective, the factors that influence their reasons to purchase products or services depend on several attributes as well as their location in the buying cycle.

Buyer personas play a critical role in digital marketing, particularly in establishing the effectiveness of your content marketing strategies. While many marketers focus on several demographics to get better traction in their digital marketing efforts, marketers who focus on key buyer persona insights will require half the number to get the same results. Buyer personas define who your targeted audiences are, and from this stem the lifeblood that defines your content strategies. Effective content marketing is delivering the right kind of content to a specific type of targeted audience – and you’ll learn more about it here and on the following sections.

Understanding Buyer Personas

Probably the most important aspect in marketing is the buyer persona. Simply put, if you’re marketing products or services to a wrong kind of consumer – no one will buy. Buyer personas define who your targeted audiences are in content marketing context and identify the reasons why such audiences will be interested in your content.

Buyer personas are developed by carefully understanding the key demographic information as well as key behavioral information that would define their consumption trends. These will define why they would be interested in a particular piece of content, why such content would resonate with them, and why this particular piece of content will be crucial in influencing them to take the next step towards conversion – either as leads or customers.

Want more of this? See the infographic below!

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